Missing Persons & People Tracing

Lost persons


During the course of probate research work, we have been able to reunite family members many times and, subject to caution, it can be a very rewarding experience for all concerned.

Whether you have just lost touch with a friend or colleague, or you have been searching for a lost family member for many years, we may be able to help. Using a mix of genealogy, investigative skills, powerful specialist data cross-referencing search engines, and a network of research associates located around the world, we can undertake cross border investigations on your behalf.  Once we have located the missing person, we can provide their contact details or make the first approach on your behalf.

If you were adopted, you may be interested in your birth family history or trying to locate family members. We can produce an up to date family tree and provide contact details for living family members. This process will be handled with utmost integrity and sensitivity to the situation.

Please note: During probate research investigations, contact details will not be shared with others without prior agreement. We are very happy however, to pass communications or invitations to get in touch to third parties.

Finding people can be a very simple and inexpensive process, but equally it may prove very difficult. Please Contact Us to outline your people tracing requirement so that we can assess the likelihood of finding the target person and related costs.