Family Trees


Tree LadderTimeline Genealogical Services intends to offer a comprehensive, informative, yet economical service for those who wish to learn about their family history.

The process of compiling a Family Tree involves using a variety of resources to identify historical data and information. As part of this process, it is usual to discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, where they were born, married and died, their occupations and, sometimes, even more historical documents can be unearthed that give insight into schooling, criminal records, military history, newspaper stories… the potential is great, we just need to look back in time.

TGS will use national indexes and local sources to compile the knowledge about your historical past and will gather documents as we go. Any certificates or documentation that is necessary to progress the research will be charged additionally at cost and subject to your understanding and agreement. These documents will be yours to keep at the end of the process.

Every project is different, success or outcome cannot be guaranteed or predicted at the outset so the fees and packages are based on the length of time commonly required for research. Unless otherwise directed, the main priority will be to take the family line back as far as possible in the time allowed, hopefully circa 1840-50.

We offer a FREE assessment service, advising likely outcomes and costs involved with undertaking the research.
There is no obligation to proceed so please Contact Us for more information and start building your family tree today.