Asset Research & Reunification


This is an interesting area of work which involves connecting people with assets to which they are entitled. This works in two ways:

It may be that a property, piece of land or financial asset, such as a bank account, pension or insurance policy, remains unclaimed as the original owner is deceased and their beneficiary(s) are unknown. In this circumstance, using genealogy and investigation skills, we can identify the potential beneficiary on behalf of either the asset holder or other informant, and negotiate the repatriation.

This service is offered to corporate clients that wish to close remaining portfolios or accounts to be in line with their corporate responsibilities or to save on management costs, or to other informants. For example, you may be a neighbour of a derelict property or abandoned piece of land; it would be useful to you for the true owner to be found so that the asset can be improved or properly managed going forward.

Asset reunification also works the other way around. It may be that you believe you are an entitled beneficiary to an asset but have never been contacted or you have lost an asset, such as a bank account. Depending on the information you hold, we may be able to help. We can undertake searches for lost bank accounts, pensions etc and can even take your case to the Financial Ombudsman on your behalf, should this prove necessary.

Payment for this work will be negotiated on a case by case basis – please feel free to enquire without obligation.